It’s hotter than two goats in a pepper patch!

Boy howdy this has been an eventful month! And I know I promised more posts… but I have just been so busy… and it’s so hot… So, you will have to forgive me!!! Please!!! Here is a cute picture to help!
So, like I said, this has been an eventful month. My first big scare was when the wool on my little woolie friends legs started falling off! In sheets!
Can we say FLIP OUT??? Well, I can… It turns out that the vet thinks the sheep were just adjusting to the heat. And apparently leg wool is optional? Well, it hasn’t grown out any and they haven’t lost any anywhere else so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the shedding did the trick.

Our next “adventure”… started the morning of June 12. When I went out to the barn that Sunday morning and opened the stall door everyone BUT Wickham (100) got up and ran out as usual. I was immediately alarmed as this is the FIRST time I wasn’t greeted eagerly by EVERYONE! And usually when I get close to Wickham (100) she runs from me. This time she didn’t. I tried not to panic… I mixed Gatorade with Nutri-Drench and drenched her. Drenching just means that you give it orally with a drench gun (a syringe used to direct liquid to the back of the throat). And, then I called the vet. He encouraged me to take her temperature which was 104.3. Normal temps in sheep are between 101-102. He somehow concluded that she had the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection (I guess those are common in sheep?) and that I should start her on antibiotics. By this time the drench had begun to take effect and she was up drinking from the electrolyte infused water. I ran up to tractor supply and got some penicillin. So began my first shot at giving injections. (pun intended hehe) All went well and Wickham (100) came out of it on top!

Also, on the schedule this month was worming and hoof trimming. I got some much needed help from my sister, Abby, little Leah and Grandpa. First, we warmed up with some treats…

Then we got down to business… Now with the worming I was confident that I could do it. But, the hoof trimming was a WHOLE NUTHER STORY! I was so nervous!!! I had gotten a lesson on hoof trimming from RJ Straw when I went to pick up the sheep in Oklahoma. He even said I did a better job than he did! But, as history dictates, I was totally unsure of myself. Even after researching and watching others do the job I was afraid I wouldn’t know when to stop and when to keep going. Well, I guess I did ok. No one ended up lame! Yay!

Grandpa and Leah were the best supervisors too! And had a few good laughs at the Abby and me trying to wrangle those sheep. 🙂

In other news… my beautiful Aura, Spinning Spinderella, has been under the weather for more than a month now. 😦 It started with just a little squeak. Then it started getting hard to treadle and it began to hurt my ankle. Anyway, my friend Lexi Boeger of Pluckyfluff (who co-designed the amazing wheel) has helped me get in touch with Majacraft who is sending a replacement part for my wheel. It should be here ANY DAY! I am also having trouble with the band on Drummond the Drum Carder. It keeps slipping off and I can’t figure out how to fix it. So, my fibery business has basically been on hold for a month or more. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET BACK INTO IT!!! REALLY! I MEAN REALLY!!!

So, I am off to play with the sheepies, change some fly paper and water the compost piles… Hope you have a great day!

Leslie @ Over the Moon Fiber Farm

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Oh my goodness! It has been too long!

I am sorry… I have just been so busy with so many things but most definitely SHEEP! Everyone says Hello! And Brandon says his with a British accent…

Mrs. Dashwood took a moment to pose for this “got MINERALS?” advertisement…

Nosey Norris nibbles EVERYTHING! Including my hat, wisk broom, books, elbow and nose!!! I swear he is part goat!

And Wickham is quite the lady… just a little camera shy…
So, there is a quick update. I promise to be better about posting. I think I have finally got a schedule down that will allow me to get in everything I need. I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures so far.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Leslie (has 4 little lambs)

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New in the shop!!!!!!

ANGELINA!!! It’s soft… it’s beautiful… it can be all yours!!!
I will have five colors available including bronze, sugar plum, wisteria, peacock and black. These fibers are made from polyester and four inches in length. (Note that these fibers do not photograph well.) In person, trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!

Have a great night!

Spinning Spinderella

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My first official farm guest!

Yes, she has technically been here before but not since the day the sheep came home… Saturday, my sister Abby, brought my two year old niece over to visit the sheep and take pictures in the bluebonnets. I can pretty much say that it was the most fun I’ve had since I actually got my sheep! Leah is fearless around the sheep. I don’t know why I thought she would be any different… She is pretty much fearless in every aspect of life. :-). I showed her how to put treats in the palm of her hand…

She and Norris bonded quickly! Leah kept saying, “Here you go Norris. You want some food Norris? Norris, come here and get some more treats!”

Then she patiently waited for thank you kisses…

The fact that Leah will grow up thinking these things are normal is a fact that I LOVE!

And now for the obligatory bluebonnet picture… (FYI… Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas AND of the lupines genus which are poisonus to sheep!)

So, living with sheep… Fabulous!!! Figuring out my new schedule (where I actually get some things accomplished)… Work in progress!!! I think I’ve got my morning routine down pretty good but I am just so exhausted by sunset I don’t want to do anything else. Today I promise to have a small (very tiny) shop update and definitely finish this blog (guess you’d never know if I didn’t). 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful day!

Leslie @ Over the Moon Fiber Farm

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Oh my Ovine!

Sheep could be the funniest animals around! It seems that mine get a surge of energy around dusk…

Life is good!

Leslie (has four little lambs)

PS. Today was kinda crazy ! I will tell you about it tomorrow.

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I’m so tired that I can’t sleep.

The last few days have been… amazing!!! I am having a wonderful time getting to know my sheep. I spent the last three nights in the stall with them. Last night Norris ate from my hand and this morning Wickham did too! Then she gave me little sheepie kisses!!! Anyway, I am so unbelievably tired and I am going to hit the sheets. Just wanted to show you a couple of pics I took from my phone today (ran out of memory on my DSLR yesterday… have to run and get a new card tomorrow).
Wish me luck getting a good nights sleep. I don’t want to make myself sick… don’t have time!

Leslie @ Over the Moon Fiber Farm!

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The LONG road home…

Yes, the wonderful Straw family hauled my sheep half way across America and we had a mere 350 miles to go… but it was the LONGEST day EVER! Haha. I was a bundle of nerves wanting to stop every 30 minutes to check on them and at the same time not wanting to stop AT ALL because I just wanted to get home. And every bump and turn had me worried about a broken leg or too much stress on my new babies. But, we made it! All safe and sound!!! Here are a few pictures from moving day…
I slept in the stall with them the first two nights in hopes that they will learn to know and trust me. It seems to be working since I have woken up both nights to them eating the hay out from under me. I really thought it was a dream the first night… and the second I just smiled and went back to sleep…
Leslie @ Over the Moon Fiber Farm

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It almost feels real!

Yesterday I met my sheep. I don’t have the right words to express it so I will just show you some pictures…
Today we say good bye to the Straw’s and take my new family home… It’s a beautiful day…

Leslie (has 4 little lambs) 🙂

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This weekend!

Not only is this weekend a monumental new beginning for me… It also marks a reunion of sorts. This weekend is the DFW Fiber Fest! It is where two years ago I saw and touched and bought my first spinning wheel! Anyway, here is a Flashback to the day after I learned to spin…
MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2009

Fiber: Fascination or Fetish?
Does it matter?

So what if I am a little obsessed with comfy, cozy, colorful, cotton candy… I mean… FIBER… Just look at it. It is full of potential and calling my name! Okay. You’re right! It can do a lot… but it can’t talk.

Anyway, this blog is going to be all about my adventures in fiber and fiber related things. Examples of this might be yarn, crochet, knitting, spinning, dying fiber and who knows what else?!?!?! Isn’t that exciting?!?!? Well if you don’t think so just mosey on along… you won’t be missed.

Now, back to the fun stuff.

I don’t quite know how I got all *wound up* in this yarn thing but I am here and things are lookin’ pretty. I do know that this slight obsession started sometime in the beginning of 2009… somewhere between Twitter and Etsy… I know! Weird how one thing leads to another. Like how I learned to crochet from a woman who called herself a Mexican Jew while volunteering at KERA about 7 years ago. Pretty random. Or how I met a lovely lady at the doctors office waiting to have blood taken (again) who teaches crochet, knitting, spinning, etc. who told me I HAD to go to the DFW Fiber Fest.

My plan is for this website to 1) be a place for you to see how much fun I am having, 2) be a place for current *fiber fans* to hang out and remember the good ole’ days when you didn’t know anything and 3) convert some new folks!

I will try to get out a video a week of a new technique I learn. I will try to post at least twice a week about projects I am working on or maybe just some pictures of yummy fiber.

I am starting from the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start…


ps. My new Louet Victoria is named Spinderella (hence the name of the blog)

Now look at me! Haha… who knew??? So, obviously I won’t be at the DFW Fiber Fest this weekend but some of my goodies will be!
This bouquet of lovely will be going with Cindy of Jacob’s Reward Farm. Cindy is teaching an Art Yarn class on Saturday and I provided the goodies! Have fun Cindy and friends!

So, this time tomorrow we will be on the road to Oklahoma! We should have a car full… Mom, Dad, sister Abby and little Leah… I plan to Tweet about this adventure and if I can tear myself away from my new babies for a minute I will post a blog.

Happy day!
Leslie @ Over the Moon Fiber Farm

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and they called them…

Dashwood, Wickham, Brandon and Norris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having two girls and two boys!!!! Haha! Don’t make fun… cause that is how I really feel!

So, anyway… here are their baby pictures (cause you know I am crying over them right now!) That is Dashwood on the right… Wickham… Brandon (on the right)… and Norris!!!

Aren’t they precious???

Well since this took me about 2 hours to write I will be headed to bed now. Wishing you all a peaceful night! I am going to sleep in till 6 in the morning! For the last time… forever… haha! And I am not even stressed about it!!! Happy New Year!!! Love you!

Leslie @ Over the Moon Fiber Farm!

photos CO Juniper Moon Farm. Thank you so much!

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